Gaston College or CPCC?

  1. Hi all! I'm trying to decide which program would work best as far as still being able to work PT. If any of you attend Gaston College ADN or LPN program, would you mind sharing your class schedule? Or any CPCC ADN students? Thank you in advance! I'm so torn between trying for LPN or the ArN program. I just don't want to put too much on myself.
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  3. by   Ammarie269
    Hi! I am kind of in the same boat here...But my main concern is which will be easier to get into. I figured LPN in Gaston would just bc it is an LPN and it is kinda out there you know? And I know CPCC only takes 50 people twice a year. Plus, I'm perturbed that CP stopped participating in federal loan, which I need to go back to school..Have you done any pre-reqs? TEAS?
  4. by   AriesRNSoon
    Hi! I keep hearing the Gaston program is easier. CPCC just extended their deadline for the ADN Spring 2015 program to October 10th. I think I'm leaning more towards the LPN in Gaston. I still have to attend an info session. I have all my prerequisites done and Gaston's deadline for them are 10 years for the sciences unlike CPCC which is 5 years. Oh yeah...I'm absolutely aggravated at the fact they don't take loans too! Gaston doesn't either. That's my issue. I need a loan but the RN's at my job told me to find scholarships and just start applying. I know every little bit counts. That's why I was going to do LPN since I can go in the evening and still work. I was thinking the bridge program would be easier to get into also. I've been holding off on TEAS because I never feel ready but I'm going to suck it up and take it in 3 weeks. Have you done all the prereqs and the a TEAS yet? Thanks for responding!
  5. by   PlayaChickRN
    Hi! I don't have much to add, I'm looking into probably going to CPCC nursing Fall 2015. I still have a couple pre-reqs to finish next semester. I also have not taken the TEAS yet. I don't know anything about the program at Gaston, is it comparable to CPCC?
  6. by   AriesRNSoon
    @roverdewhi! Yes, Gaston is like CPCC just another option for school. And it's a little further depending on where you live. One plus is that if you have taken your sciences early like myself then they won't be outdated if it's within the 10 years.
  7. by   studentnurse47
    Any of ya'll attending Gaston's ADN program this Fall?
  8. by   AriesRNSoon
    Hi @studentnurse47, CNA, I plan on applying to their ADN and their LPN program this year again. I was waitlisted last year so hopefully this time works out.
  9. by   jlc1986
    Hello AriesRNSoon, I have been following some of your post and responses. Have you applied to any programs for 2016?
  10. by   AriesRNSoon
    Hi jlc1986! Yep, just applied to Gaston and hate I missed the deadline for SPCC . I have to work while in school, there is just no way around that. The LPN to RN route works for me. It's the same amount of time and at least I will have something under my belt. I always heard it is easier to bridge programs.