EPCI ( Raleigh)...anyone?...

  1. Anyone here attending ( or have attended) EPCI or other private program?

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  3. by   iceis
    I am currently attending ECPI's PN program. We just started so I am still trying to figure out how to juggle work and school. I am enjoying it thus far.
  4. by   wasted-enough-time
    Hi Iceis!!

    Thanks for responding!!!

    Please share what the PN program is like for you. Are you FT or PT? Did you start in the October class?

  5. by   wasted-enough-time
    wanted to also add...

    will be starting Feb 08, days full time.....Was So hoping for that October class, but it was already filled,,....Anything at all that you could share would really be appreciated!!

    ((( HUGS )))
  6. by   iceis
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  7. by   wasted-enough-time
    Hi Ices!!

    I will be going full time. I just want to go on and get it over with!! Hubby is behind me 100%, but in all honesty I admit that $$$ I am a little worried. I'm so used to working and my not doing so, is certainly going to take some adjusting on my part, plus our budget will be tight and I also have to factor the extra $$ I'll be spending in gas to and from school etc.. so much to worry about..

    I "may" work a little here and there , meaning perhaps 4 to 8 times per month, or if I could swing it, I may work say every Friday & Sat ( 8 hours each doing private duty) but again all thats a big "IF", cause I expect the program to be hard and time consuming.

    Going PT sounds great especially when also working FT. Since I have to commute an hour+ each way, coming home in the late evenings was a concern...CONGRATS!! to YOU for starting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, the school is $$$, but the flip side is having to wait 2, 3, years or more to get into a traditional PN program. I did some "Asking" and one of the LPN's here in my town shared with me that she is making $18.00 per hour ( W/one year experience...LTC) I'm currently making $10.00-$12.00 per hour doing private duty ( agency) however there is not really any job stability...and NO benefits.....

    Have they told you where you will be doing your clinicals? Are the instructors nice? ( PM me if ya have to..) Also when will you begin your clinicals?, what subject are you studying first?, How many in your class?, What about books?, Any students having a long distance ( like me)? You said that some of the students already have advance degrees..Wow..., whats the average age of students?, how about the oldest?

    Sorry that i am full of questions, LOL Just that I am so very excited for the both of us!!

  8. by   flightnurse2b
    iceis, come say hi, i'm in the night program at MCI in raleigh... I'm in the middle class I guess... we're in our 5th semester. good luck to you!!! allison
  9. by   iceis
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  12. by   wasted-enough-time
    Hi Icis & Allison!!!

    Thank you both for responding!!!

    Thank you Icis for taking the time to answer my questions!!, that means a lot to me....I know you must be fairly busy and I appreciate your kindness in doing so..

    Allison I just pm'd you ...But I will say again...Thank you for your total openness and honesty!!! I will no doubt be taking you up on your kind offer for help at a future date ~~smile~~ Oh and if I am ever at the school during your class hours, i will look for the "Blond" among everyone, LOL...
    On a serious note:, I feel really bad that your experience has not been all that you expected or deserved. I hope that the day program is better run!! I very much admire you for hanging in there and making the best of it!! I can clearly see that you are a determined person and will do well no matter what path you choose!!
    Just remember too that once you finish and have that LPN License in hand....It would have all been worth it,..I'm sure... Now That goes for you too Icis as You both are where I want to be.......

    take care and Please Do pop in here and post often so I can live vicariously :spin:.....thru all your PN student adventures..,,,as i await my own~~smile~~
    (( Hugs and best wishes))

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  13. by   NC Girl BSN
    Allison is so right. Non of the ECPI classes transfer. You basically have to start over at CC and meet all their prerequisites to get into their program. I got my LPN a a CC and even having all the prerequisites to get in to abridge program, you still have to wait 1-2 years depending on the school to start. Its a frustrating process. ECPI has a RN program in Virgina and SC. I asked a representative was the program gonna ever come to Raleigh. She said maybe in a couple of years.
  14. by   wasted-enough-time
    Thank you NC Girl 35 for responding!!

    I actually have a friend who' s sister is currently attending the RN program in VA. (The Newport news campus, I think.) she married and moved from NC to VA two years ago..which is her hubby's home state. Anyway she told me that they were told that the actual works are in progress for an RN program to begin here ( meaning Raleigh campus) sometime in 09... ( they were told this in confidence..I guess its kinda hush-hush till all the kinks and other required stuff is worked out..) I am sure it would be very costly,..however, I think it will also be a wonderful option for many.... By the way she attends the Newport News campus

    Allison, (( HUGS)), just read your pm,..about to respond..in a sec....
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