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I was wondering if anyone else applied to the ECPI Nursing program in Charlotte NC? Also if so how was the science portion on the TEAS? I am to take the Science portion and English portion this... Read More

  1. by   AngelEyez01
    I dropped out of this school. Total waste of time. Expensive for no ******* reason.
  2. by   AngelEyez01
    I wouldnt recommend this school. I did a month there for the aug. 28 thru sept. 29 term. I left last monday. It wasnt worth it to me. This school is way too expensive. You will have a mandatory 100 dollars a month expense no matter how many grants and scholarships you get. My advisor was trash too. He did everything to get me into that school and as soon i started i never heard from him again. He still hasnt even tried to reach out since i left. I even emailed him 4 times prior to leaving for better options and concerns he never once emailed me back.

    I would always tell others to get on the waiting list somewhere else and in the mean time volunteer to get stuff on your resume and let the unemployment wia program pay for a continuing education course while waiting.
  3. by   Futurenursejazz
    Program is flying right by we just starter our first official nursing class 😊. I would recommend you get all you prerequisites class out of the way because you can focus more on the nursing classes and also becaus it will save you a lot of money.
  4. by   daj21
    How was the experience at ECPI? Im looking for apply for Feb 2018 !
  5. by   AngelEyez01
    Quote from daj21
    How was the experience at ECPI? Im looking for apply for Feb 2018 !
    How has your experience been so far? Did you ever apply?
  6. by   pmonai626
    Hello daj21, did you apply? I'm getting ready to start the 3rd semester. It's going great but I will admit that it can be intense. I'm loving it so far. Best wishes to you!
  7. by   Tavia_B
    Hey, pmonai626, CNA .. I am considering the LPN program in Charlotte. Can you give me your email address? I have some questions, etc.
  8. by   kerrynurse
    Hi, Pmonai626, CNA. My hubby is looking to start Feb 2019. How much is the ADN program. They refuse to tell you over the phone.
  9. by   pmonai626
    Hello! I'm in the RN program so I don't have a lot of info on the LPN program. What are you trying to find out?
  10. by   pmonai626
    Hey there! It all depends. Does your husband have any classes taken elsewhere that he could transfer in? You can pay anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000. He would have to meet with financial aid to be certain. It's expensive, but worth it to me!
  11. by   christyRN70
    I just posted on another blog but I wanted to share here too. I'm in the RN program and I hope to continue with ECPI to finish my BSN and MSN. ECPI is a little pricey but you can offset the price by doing a little homework. Check to see if your job or spouse's job has a partnership with ECPI. My husband works for a company that partners with ECPI and I was able to receive a discount of 15% off tuition. Look everywhere for scholarships. Banks, jobs, frito lay, coke,, etc.. Everywhere. Some are offered year round. My coworkers think its hilarious how dedicated I am and how much time I spend looking for scholarships. I can promise you I will have the last laugh. LOL.
    I work as a PCT/monitor tech at a local hospital. I was able to snag help with tuition reimbursement and also another scholarship my employer offered. I didn't qualify for help with grants so I was very important I tried different resources to help off set the tuition.
    Another good thing is the government offers perks for you if you work for state affiliated places (state hospitals, home health, schools -school nursing, dss, jails, etc). Google William T Ford public loan forgiveness. This one does require you to make 120 payments but after that all student loan is forgiven. One of my co-workers had about $55,000 in student debt. She paid $6,500 of student loans and the remainder $48,500 was erased. I plan to do the same and I am hoping that will make it easier to obtain my BSN and MSN without a huge amount of student loans.