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I was wondering if anyone else applied to the ECPI Nursing program in Charlotte NC? Also if so how was the science portion on the TEAS? I am to take the Science portion and English portion this weekend. Did you have prereqs already and does that help cut the cost down some? I am hoping so...I have pretty much most of my prereqs done and praying that my amount will not be $40,000 +++++!!! It is sooo expensive but I am so ready to get in and begin to achieve my goal of becoming a nurse!!! Thanks in advance for responses!!! :shy:

Hi Rae, transferring in classes will pretty much only apply to your non-nursing courses like both A&P's and your Abnormal psychology. Everything else you'll have to take within ECPI. Im sure someone will correct me if Im wrong, but those are the only classes I could transfer in at the Charlotte campus.

Thanks for responding!! I meet with financial aid this week. I applied last week and found out which classes transferred in for me. They pretty much took everything A&P I and II and Micro and Eng and my Nutrition also transferred so I will just have the major courses and I have to sign up for Col Alg and it starts the end of Sept. I am excited!! Just still hoping that it will not be over $40,000!! I start Nov 3 and cant wait. Are you in the RN program now? If so, how do you like it? How long until you finish? I took the TEAS and did great on all 4 sections. Best to you if you are in the program!!

Oh great!! Welcome to the ECPI family!! You'll have some hard, but KNOCK OUT BEST TEACHERS IN THE RN PROGRAM! Ms. Stigler is hard, but JEEEZ she knows her stuff! She no longer does the LPN prog, just RN now, but I learned so much from her, UGH! Ms. Carlin is new but she is the best especially if you get her for clinicals. I considered the RN program but I personally 1) had a problem with having that much debt without obtaining a BSN 2) At the time I was considering starting the RN program, I would've been in their very first RN class, I just didn't want to be apart of their trial and errors. 3) I was unemployed at the time I entered ECPI, so I received WIA funds, won 2 scholarships, plus got full Pell Grant money and I'm only left with a debt a little over 11k... it wouldve been 25k in the RN program. I had to take a more economical route as a single mom.

So I used the LPN program as my foot in the nursing door w/o the big debt and waiting lists. The first RN class graduates on the same day as us (Oct 30th) and MOST of them went to ECPI for their LPN. My plan now is to go anywhere there is a LPN-BSN bridge program since I am not committed to NC and desire to live back further North ultimately anyway. There's a LPN-BSN bridge program in WSSU and if I cant get in there, there's about 3 or 4 LPN-BSN programs in VA and 2 in S.C, MD etc. I have all prerequisites so a LPN-BSN bridge program would just be about 5 semesters, as opposed to LPN-ADN which would be 3-4. My thinking was long but I figured I dont want to to bother w an ADN when I want to be a NP when its all said n done. LPN was best for me with my daughter starting school next week. I had to factor everything in. Sorry.... You caught me in a talkative mood, lol. But I'm LPN to answer your question, lol. You'll do great I'm sure... Just dont be a minute late and study everyday (literally).

Thanks for all the info!! Can you tell I am excited?!!!! :laugh: I went and had my meeting with financial aid and because of all the prereqs that I have transferring in and the federal loan that I am receiving Im left with about $12,000 to pay before I graduate Jan or Mar 2016. All I have are the nursing major I am extremely happy that everything that I worked hard to take transferred over. I was also told that I take freshman orientation and then I do not have to come back until Mar 3 and so I get to skip some terms and that will help out alot because I have a husband and 3 kids. I cant wait to find out the NCLEX scores from the RN students that are in the program now. I could have gone other places to get my RN but kept getting wait listed and just want to start working to help provide for my family. Congrats on your up and coming graduation and becoming an LPN!!! My goal is to become an NP as well...possibly working in women's health. I look at so many programs online all the time and its so overwhelming so going to take it one step at a time. I was about to do the LPN program but when I came in to do the TEAS and did well on the Math and Reading portions I thought why not give the Science and English a I did well on those too!!! ECPI is not the cheapest school out there of course but I have heard many good things on how they help people achieve and succeed!!! Best of luck to you in everything you do and becoming a nurse!!! Any more tips or anything you think or feel I should know please do not hesitate to send a message or comment here.

How is the program going for you? I am hoping to be enrolled for the August 2015 session.

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I'm surprised ECPI has an RN program. The one near Raleigh is an LPN. I honestly had a horrid experience with them trying to get information. I almost enrolled in an CMA program at Miller-Motte, but it was going to cost more than the BS I already had. I ended up in comm college ADN and am finishing my BSN up online at UNCW.

It is going good so far coretta19681...I start clinicals in March. So moving right along. Have you taken the TEAS at ECPI? If you have prereqs that you need to finish I recommend taking those and getting them out of the way. It has really helped me out by doing that and I can focus more on the major courses. Good Luck to you on getting in!!!


Just wondering what all pre reqs you had that transferred in to cut your cost down? I'm in a similar situation with many classes that will hopefully transfer and cut that ridiculous cost down. Thanks!!

Hi jshook7. I transferred in pretty much everything. Anatomy & Physiology I and II, Micro, Public Speaking, Sociology, a Humanities course, English, and Nutrition. College Algebra, Chemistry, and Computer Applications are required to get in the RN program. All the others I mentioned you can take them along with the program if you choose to because those courses are part of the program. I just chose to take everything before and have them transferred to lower cost some and lighten my course load a little. I know the program will still be challenging but I just wanted to focus on the Nursing courses once getting in. Program is pretty high but after transferring all the courses I had it dropped it down to about $30,000...I received a loan from the govt to help with that and I pay it back after graduating. Anything else you need to know just ask!! Good luck to you if you are considering applying and taking the TEAS!!!

Hi...i was recently accepted into the RN program starting 5/11/15....I'm so nervous, but excited. Anyone take A&P at ecpi? That's my 1st class tomorrow.

I recently have been getting calls from ECPI in Charlotte, Nc about their Rn program. How has the experience been? Any trouble with getting jobs or going on to get your BSN because of accreditation? Any updated info would be great!

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