Durham Regional Hospital should be ashamed!

  1. During our entire Magnet run, they had fliers posted everywhere,

    "Magnet, higher nursing satisfaction, better nurse to patient ratio's"

    Well apparently their idea of better ratio's means giving us more patient's.

    Our ratio just went from 4 TO 6 when giving chemo, this is on a medical/oncology unit.

    We have busy medical patient's to care for also when giving chemo!

    A 50% increase, and that's nursing satisfaction.

    We have lost 2 of our best charge nurses and more are looking for another job.

    What could be a good job TEMPORARY MANAGEMENT HAS RUINED!

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  3. by   EmilyLucille523
    I'm not surprised. Try a 1:7 nurse-patient ratio on a cardiac floor with nitro drips, cardizem drips, insulin drips, blood transfusions, and everything else. It seems to be the norm now and all because of money issues. I got fed up with it also and recently decided to leave and to do 1:1 nursing care in Hospice.
  4. by   canesdukegirl
    Durham Regional in my opinion is an awful place for nurses. I worked there for 3 months until I got scared of losing my license due to some unsafe nursing practices I witnessed. The management was HORRID.
  5. by   RnBill87
    awful isn't the word Dukegirl

    Dishonest, unprofessional, and zero integrity says it better for Durham Regional management

    I just got out of there 3 months ago, from unit 5-1.

    I left when as soon as I realized how to know when my nurse manager was lieing.

    When her lips were moving!

    I wouldn't recommend any nurse this hospital to work at.
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  6. by   MrsLilRat
    Wow, I use to work on 5-1, 2003 - 2005, it was actually my first Job as a nurse. The only reason I left was b/c the the Unit Manager at the time was not willing to compromise for me to do only 1-2 nights of Charge nurse vs all 3 of my nights. The mediator couldnt believe my manager was not willing to give me a break for a few weeks, so I submitted my verbal resignation on the spot and started looking for another place to work.
    Im sorry you had that experience, I enjoyed working there, it had its ups and downs. I agree with everyone, things were starting to get a tad bit dangerous even then, I worked strictly nights we always had 6-7 pateients each including charge nurse, they started trying to make us take 8 patients but we weren't going for that.
  7. by   RnBill87
    I talked to a couple of friends who are still on the 5th floor....but BOTH LEAVING

    They say things only continue to change for the WORSE

    If you a new grad please be careful...

    Durham Regional will tell you what you want to hear,

    then after orientation things will change

    HIGHLY advise you avoid this Hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. by   canesdukegirl
    I agree with you Bill. It is an unsafe place to work. I wouldn't recommend anyone going there for employment.
  9. by   RnBill87
    Its unreal how horrid some manegment can be
  10. by   Cocolady
    Has anyone had the experience of relocating to work here. Once you started, you found out that what all you were told in the interview is not so. Just upset about it all. If you look for another position does it look bad that you have worked in one hospital for only 6 months.
  11. by   Cocolady
    So much better now, transferred to a more suited unit..so far so good!!
  12. by   MaverickyMaverick
    Quote from Cocolady
    So much better now, transferred to a more suited unit..so far so good!!
    that was quick! congrats.
  13. by   Cocolady
    I end up leaving, very disappointed that it did not work out.
  14. by   overitnow
    Spent 3 years of a 20 year career at Durham Regional, left in 2010. Absolutely the worst place I have ever worked!! Not safe! Administration is psychotic!! Nothing like the rest of the Duke system. Back at the main Duke Hospital for 2 years now and couldn't be happier! Wish I had never left.......at least not for that place!