Considering Relocation to NC - ADN programs to transfer to?

  1. Hello,

    My husband and I are considering a move to either the Charlotte or Raleigh areas. I'm a pre-nursing student and have finished all of my support classes awaiting a clinical spot. Any advice on where to look at transferring? I'd prefer a Community College (cost) ADN program that I may have a shot at a smooth transition into. Up to this point I've taken, English, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Chemistry, Microbiology, Psychology, Sociology, Med Terminology, and Pathology.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Thujone
    Hello, I live right outside of Charlotte, so I can assist you. I suggest checking in to Gaston College (probably the best program in the area), CPCC, and CCC. They all have ADN programs, also, Gaston College and CCC also offer LPN programs. I go to Gaston College, so obviously, I am prejudice toward the others .
  4. by   RunnerRN2015
    I'm in Charlotte. Check out Carolinas College of Health Sciences (my school...yeah!) and Mercy SON (both affiliated with Carolinas Healthcare System) and Presbyterian School of Nursing at Queens. I've neard CPCC has a 2 year wait list.
  5. by   lostintranslation784
    I thought I would piggy back on this post. I am actually from Charlotte area and live in Tampa, FL. I am planning on moving back towards the end of the year 2012. I am currently completing my AA in business (accounting) but would really prefer to be a nurse as I continue taking these classes. I looked at Gaston as I took a few classes there in high school but the out-of-state tuition is worse that FL's in-state.

    I have a few friends that attended CCHS and got mixed reviews BUT they don't have a difference in the in/out-state PLUS they have the 80% loan forgiveness if you work at CMC after. Guaranteed job? Yes, please.

    Now I spoke to someone over there and they gave me the typical "we will accept transfer credits if they are equivalent" which most of my credits from NC did not transfer to FL so I am assuming it will be the same there. Esp. considering they want your money.

    Would anyone still recommend Gaston over CCHS? I know CPCC is uber difficult to get into. Also, are the classes during the day? FL offers nights, weekends, and weekend/online classes but NC is pretty conservative. Thanks!
  6. by   Minnie02
    Hi! Please could you tell me which schools are good for ADN program in NC. As I m planning to apply Out-State. I m from California and I m done with my pre-quistes but they will be expiring soon.
  7. by   Thujone
    Well that's quite the move, huh? Well, I live near Charlotte, NC. The best programs that I know of Gaston College, CPCC, and Carolina School of Science. There are a few more, but those are the one's that accept the TEAS as their entrance exam.

    Also, I recommend Gaston College over any ADN program in the state.
  8. by   Minnie02
    Over here in California, the waiting list is more than 2 - 3years. I have been on the list for about a year. But now i plan to apply to a different state if I m lucky I can get in. As my pre-quites are going to expire in 2013, I need to make a decision on what I want to do. Does Gaston College accept TEAS score for LPN program or just requirement of the classes?
  9. by   Thujone
    Well, GC may not be an option for you. You would have to attend an information session and meet with the nursing program secretary in person in order to be considered. GC requires the TEAS V with a score of 65 or higher (65=1, 69=4, four is the maximum amount of points the TEAS V will award.) They also have requirements for the classes. I don't know if your classes will transfer from California to North Carolina or not, but if they do then I think science classes can be up to 10 years old and general education courses can be 5 years old. Granted you can meet all the admissions requirements you could apply next Fall. There is not waiting list, only a year waiting period for the next class of Freshmen to be brought in.

    And for the LPN program they don't take the TEAS. They only accept the ACT. For every point over 18 you will get one point.
  10. by   Minnie02
    Thanks for all the information. My science classes will expire in 2013 as per California community colleges that I have applied I m complete 5 years and I have to retake all of them again. But if in NC they have a 10 years, I should be fine. I will also apply for the LPN program just to be on the safer side.