cape fear community college for 2013 ?

  1. hey cfcc students has anyone applied for the upcoming fall 2013 admission?
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to the North Carolina State Nursing Programs for more of a response.
  4. by   jbplmbt
    Hi! I just took the PSB on Wednesday. Good luck to you!
  5. by   rissespieces
    there aren't as many people on here posting the year wonder if they know about allnurses. anyways jbplmbt can you send me an email and anyone else who is currently taken the psb or trying to get in the program for 2013. i take my psb on January 12, its

  6. by   golferguync
    I have applied for the 2013 class at CFCC. I wonder how many are applying to the program this year. I read that over 300 applied last year. I dont think I will be able to get in this year since I don't have many of the pre-reqs completed yet and its nearly impossible to get in just on the PSB alone even if score a perfect score. It will be interesting to see what my score total will be actually be.
    I would agree there are not many people on the board this year as I have seen for the years past but the process is still somewhat early.
    Good Luck to you all,
  7. by   Belle de Jour
    Hi, everybody!

    I applied for CFCC ADN class 2013 too. I did not get in last year. It is a waiting game now again. Last year I went for my point count in March and couple weeks later I received a rejection letter. So, I guess we will find out this year results just in few weeks. Too bad they have only 70 spots in the program this year. ((

    As I read on this forum last year (try to find CFCC 2012 topic) - people with 338 total score got accepted. So, if you did perfect on PSB exam and got 350 (700 total), I think you have a great chance to get in.

    Good luck to everybody!
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  9. by   mmtnurse7
    I applied, just patiently awaiting those point count letters that we probably won't get until the beginning of march
  10. by   mmtnurse7
    I agree, seems like its definitely possible to get in based soley on a PSB score! How'd the PSB go for ya?
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    I agree, seems like its definitely possible to get in based soley on a PSB score! How'd the PSB go for ya?
  12. by   golferguync
    Yes I appreciate the encouragement. If I had earned a perfect score it would make it easier. I unfortunately did not get the perfect score but did well overall with a 643. However, I only have 16 points in pre-reqs. Adding everything and then cutting it in half I am at 329.5. And you are correct I noticed others getting in last year with a 338. In reading posts from last year many alternates got in as well so we will just have to wait and see what happens from here. At this point there is nothing more I can do but wait for the point count and see where I am at after that.
  13. by   golferguync
    Where do you some of you stand with your point counts if you don't mind sharing your psb and pre-req totals?
  14. by   mmtnurse7
    golferguync, from reading about past point totals, you may make the alternate list, and it seems like many/all of them make it into class......I am sitting at 383, I've taken and gotten an A in every class that you can get points for and also did well on the PSB