Best places to buy scrubs in the Charlotte area?

  1. I will be starting my first nursing job next week and I need to buy some scrubs. I'll be checking out Scrubs and Beyond at Concord Mills this week, but are there anymore places that have great prices in or near Charlotte?

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  3. by   trinawld
    I'm moving to Charlotte on Sunday. Was it hard finding a job? I'm gonna start looking on Monday morning.
  4. by   garnetgirl29
    I'm a new grad LPN from a school that has a good reputation in the area & it took me about 2 months to get my first offer. After I accepted this position, a LTC facility that hired several of my classmates called me for an interview, but I declined because I begin orientation on Monday. As a new grad, it's tough. Are you an LPN or an RN? Do you have much experience? Carolinas Healthcare System has quite a few LPN openings on their website and TONS of RN openings in various locations. Check and, too. If you find a facility that you would like to work for, go in and apply. I've found that many aren't advertising their openings. I found my job by word of mouth and the opening was never posted.
  5. by   trinawld
    Thanks. I'm an LPN with 4.5 years in LTC. Thanks.
  6. by   RunnerRN2015
    Elite on S. Kings has a good selection. There is also an Alegria store in Stonecrest that has a decent selection as well.
  7. by   ~PedsRN~
    My favorite is Life Uniform right across the street from CMC on Kings.