Applying to and hoping to get into Cape Fear CC?

  1. Recently applied to Cape Fear Community College's ADN program and anxiously waiting for the Mid-March notification letters. Wondering if anyone out there is in the same boat.
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  3. by   olliesmommy1005
    I just finished my first semester at CFCC....good luck!
  4. by   wtc-wilmington
    Thanks for the luck! Just waiting for the letters in March. I have no idea how competitive I'll be. Hope your second semester will be amazing for you!
  5. by   Aka Mommy
    I am in the same boat. I have applied to a couple other schools too. I don't really think I have a chance at CFCC's this year, I just started A&P, and did ok on Psb....hard to know what the "pool" looks like?? I feel ya!!
  6. by   wtc-wilmington
    Definitely wish I knew how my chances are, I have a feeling I will be pretty average. Hopefully they'll contact us soon to review our point count and see a little into how I'm doing. I didn't do as well on the PSB as I'd hoped and have not quite all of the coreq's.
  7. by   olliesmommy1005
    Just hoping on to wish you CFCC hopefuls good luck in waiting for you letters!!! I hope to see you around the hallways this coming fall!
  8. by   wtc-wilmington
    Thank you! Hope to see you as well! When did you get your letter last year? And if it isn't too much to ask, what kind of scores did you get on your PSB, I know it changes every year but I need some grasp of hope :-)
  9. by   newRNstudent02
    Is it really called Cape Fear?? because that sounds awesome!
  10. by   Aka Mommy
    Really Cape Fear Community College....right on the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC