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Just wondering if anyone on here is starting Watts School of Nursing this coming Jan? I'd like to get to now some of my furture classmates! Anyone starting a nursing program anywhere in Jan?:bugeyes:... Read More

  1. by   SoontoBeNurseNicky
    Can you tell me some details Mcmoore about the admissions process and testing. I just got the book they recommend to study. How hard is the test? etc. Im hoping to get into June 2010 Thanks!
  2. by   kellmoiselle
    The admission test is a very interesting experience. You have two portions, you have a 90 question ( I believe that is how many it was) and you don't have a lot of time to answer. This is the academic aptitude portion and it has math, synonyms (like a sentence with a word and you have to tell what a synonym for the word is, and spatial problems with shapes (like this is to this). The second part is a reading comp part where you read a passage and then answer the questions based on it.
    The first time I took it I didn't answer enough questions and my score was terrible, I didn't even get through half of the questions on the first part. My personal strategy when I retook it was answer ALL the questions even if i had to guess. My score the second time was excellent. The test scores are based on how well everyone else does so if you got only 20 questions right but everyone else that tested that day where ever they were got 10 right then you will be in the top percentile.
    The reading is tough because you are kinda burnt out after all the questions in the first portion but don't read the passage, you will waste all of your time, Just scan the passages for the answers. I don't think many people actually answer all of the reading comp questions so don't worry if you don't. I'm sure others have different strategies but that is what worked for me, after I knew how the test was the first time I knew how to take it the second time.
    As far as studying goes, focus a lot on fractions (add, subtract, dividing and multiply) and converting fractions to decimals and vice versa. That is a lot of the math because when you get to dosage calcs that is pretty much the basis.
    Hope that helps!
  3. by   mcmoore

    The preadmission test is hard, but it's definitely doable. Kellmoiselle summed up the test very well. I thought it had an overwhelming amount of questions, but I just tried my hardest to answer as many questions as I could. I probably left at least 1/4 of the questions blank, and I still got a good score. The hardest part for me was reading the passages and answering the questions because I felt so pushed for time. I definitely agree with Kellmoiselle that the best way to handle the passages is to read the question first, and then scan the passage for the answer. I prepared for the test using the link on the Watts website for practice testing. I thought that was very helpful and it gave me a feel for the format of the test. I didn't use a book to help me study, but I know several people who did that said it was very helpful. Don't worry too much about it though since you have a second try if you don't do as well as you hoped for the first time. Good luck!! Maybe we'll be in class together in June!
  4. by   Lovee_T
    I started my pre reqs in June of this yr but you can feel free to email me anytime with questions. I met a girl on here that is in the cohort before mine and it real is nice to have someone ahead of you to ask questions. Plus she is really nice. Do you have facebook? Alot of the current pre req students and nursing students are on there. Ck me out if you do-Jaysherrie Tufts.
  5. by   mcmoore
    Thanks for the information Lovee T! If I think of anymore questions, I'll be sure to ask you. It will definitely be helpful to know someone a year ahead in the program. Thanks again.
  6. by   cw24chill
    I will be starting Watts June 2010! Im alittle nervous!!
  7. by   crossroads919
    Hello- I am considering Watts for Jan 2012..but concerned I won't be able to have a life at all socially. I am definitely the type to do my work and study as much as needed...but wanting to hear from anyone currently in the program if they are also finding time for a life outside of school. Thanks!