Non Q wave MI


What exactly is a non Q wave MI (other than an mi without a Q

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I've only heard of NSTEMI and STEMI


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Non Q wave MI is no longer a common term. Three common types of acute coronary syndrome are currently accepted:


2) Non-STEMI

3) Unstable Angina

Non Q wave is now in the class of NSTEMI, a type of MI where you have positive enzymes without classic XII lead findings. Treating this type of MI with lytics has been shown to increase M&M from IC hemorrhage.

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A q wave appears on the EKG when there has been enough myocardial damage to change the direction of the wave of depolarization as it travels through the heart. The damage has extended from the inside to the outside leaving a area of necrotic and eventually scar tissue. The old term for a non q wave MI was sub endocardial MI.

Q waves usually permanent and therefore not used to diagnose an acute MI, unless you have a previous EKG to compare with. If you see a 12 lead EKG with a interpretation that reads something like "anterior lateral MI, onset undetermined" there are probably q waves present, in this case in leads V3-6, maybe in I and avL.


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