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Hey everyone, I am a Bio major currently pursuing nursing in need of advice. My undergrad gpa is 2.41 and my nursing prereq's gpa is 3.41. I understand nursing programs are very competitive, and my gpa definitely sets me back. But, there are many different options (RN, traditional BSN, accelerated BSN, entry MSN. With my current situation does anyone have any advice as to what route to pursue, or if this is even realistic? What schools I should look into, and how should I approach this pursuit keeping in mind that my gpa sets me back? For example, I've heard of schools that only look into nursing prereqs, or schools that look at the last 60 semester credits, which would give me more of a chance. What can I do to make myself stand out and become more competitive? I would really appreciate your honest advice. Thanks!

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Obviously I think it's going to hurt your chances if a program you're considering looks at your overall GPA. As you stated though, that's not your only option. I'm currently in an ASN program that only considered 4 nursing pre-req's and an entrance exam. That would leave your prior GPA issues out of it altogether. If you can find a program that focuses more on that, whether it be an ASN or BSN program, I think that will be your best bet. Good luck!

Get a job in the field--I was in human services doing CNA/management work in group homes and also a surg tech for 4 years in a Boston teaching hospital with only a couple of the non nursing prerequisite classes done. Most work as CNAs--it'll give you GREAT experience and an edge over those who've never worked in the field. Serious advantages.

Do some more research into other colleges not all of them are competative or have long wait lists. The college I attend (UMFK) has no waiting list and they do not really have any requirements to get in other than to graduate high school and pass the schools ACU placer. They also have accelorated programs for those who have a previous degree. Even though they are the easiest school to get into in the state they have the highest NCLEX pass rates in ME I think 96% first time pass rate. So do some more research you may find a diamond in the rough as well! ;)

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Make a list of all your possible choices and then list what their selection criteria is and then crunch the numbers.

Thanks for your advice, I'm a little less discouraged :) I have been researching schools, but have continuously run into the GPA road block. I'm open to going to school anywhere to pursue nursing, just having a hard time finding schools in which I am able to meet their requirements. Partly because I limited myself to absn and msn programs. I looked into that school in Maine (umfk) and will contact the advisors for more info. Are their any other schools that anyone can recommend me to? Also, I'm am currently working at a blood lab doing testing, does that help strengthen my application at all? Or does it get dismissed because its not direct patient care?

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