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Non-medical Homecare Agency... How to pay Nurses?

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Hello, I'm in the process of starting my own non-medical home care agency. Any day now I should be expecting my license from Georgia to operate. It will be ran from my home until the business grows. I've been researching, however, I still need to know from those who have worked with an agency and have suggestions on how I should pay my nurses. I was thinking as need and not hourly like the CNA until the company grows. I will only need a nurse to go do the initial assessment and draw up the service plan as well as service agreement. Also, go do the regular supervidory visits and required re assessments. Give me what you think I should pay how I should pay, whatever you know about agency small agency let me know. Thanks so very much.

I've received pay drawn on a personal account before. It didn't matter to me because the checks cleared. I would come up with your own rates, based on rates in your area, and make certain your new nurse(s) understand pay structure upon hire. I would open a separate account for your payroll to keep the funds apart from your personal funds. I would pay once a week or every two weeks. For books, just do a simple ledger. You can switch to the fancy computer programs when your business income warrants that move. Good luck with your venture.

Per visit rates. Initial open case rates are usually a little higher than supervisory rates

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Just curious: if you are providing non-medical care, why do your clients need nursing assessments?

Thanks so very much!


Here in GA if you offer personal care a nurse has to go do an assessment on the potential client to 1. Make sure we will be able to provide the care they need. 2. Personal care is hands on and requires a service plan and in order to know what that client need you do an assessment

I'm offering personal care and companion services. Companion services clients don't have to have a nurse do the assessment the administrator can do that assessment

roser13, ASN, RN

Specializes in Med/Surg, Ortho, ASC. Has 17 years experience.

Thank you. Good luck with your new company!

Hello, just want to follow up with you to see if your Buisness is up and running. Did you get your license and all the forms needed.