Noc shift: How many res. ?

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I just started recently and was told there would be two CNAs at all times during noc shift and yesterday was the first night where it was just me and the LVN (no one called out, schedule was made this way). On nights with two CNAs I get about 8-10 res. and on nights with only one CNA I get about 19-23. Anyone else have to deal with this? It's doable but it seems like I only have enough time to do my rounds once for 23 res. Maybe I am too slow? I am wondering if anyone has any techniques as to how they manage 23 residents on their own..Any ideas? Thanks!!

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hmm.. IN NY I did 25 residents a night.. but in SC.. it was more like 15, for long term care.. in the hospital.. I can have anywhere from 11 to 21 by myself..

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I work in assisted living on night shift. We usually have 3 aides on, sometimes 2 if we're short. Usually I have around 8-10 residents to toilet Q2 hours, and we get 3 residents up each in the morning before day shift comes in.

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I used to work nights in a dementia assisted living facility & had 13 residents to change/toilet Q2 hours, 3 who used call lights as needed, and had to mop & do laundry. I usually managed 3-4 rounds per 8 hour shift, but it was constant hustling.

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