NOC 8hr shifts, how many nights in a row?


I am about to start a new position in LTC. Charge RN, nights. The HR lady said the shift is 10pm-6am M-F, and every other weekend.

So I'm a little lost. Wouldn't that mean I'd be working twelve nights in a row? That can't be right. So I asked her this morning, and I don't think I explained what I was asking right. She said it works out that there are ten shifts per paycheck (ok, but not what I was asking).

If I work M-F, that is five shifts. weekend off, then M-F (five in a row again)- work the weekend (now we are up to seven) then M-F again..TWELVE!

She said it was because they start counting the night before, so monday's shift starts at 10pm Sunday.

I still don't understand.

Do any of you have a schedule like this? Could you maybe enlighten a confused girl?

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Look at 10 pm as 12 am. When you go to work on Monday night you are actually working Tuesdays shift which means you work 4 days Tues - Fri then you work Tues-Fri and Sat & Sun which is 6 days for a total of 10 days


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Ah! See, that makes perfect sense. :)

Thank you for your help.

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You will get off a night during each week to account for your weekend on. It is not 'really' M-F, at all. Typical would be to work M-T-W, off TH, F-Sa-Sun, off M, T-W-TH-F, off Sa & Su. Your schedule may be repeating (the same pattern) or non-repeating ( different days off each 2 weeks). That issue may be more important - do you always want the same days (or nocs!) off?


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Honestly, I'm grateful to have any job in this area (new grads are having a notoriously hard time around here). I don't really care what my schedule is so long as I get to work. I have to say though, the idea of twelve nights in a row was making me really twitchy. ;)


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My old schedule used to be like that. You get one week day off each week and every other weekend.

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Ah--they like to confuse everyone by scheduling 'per pay period' instead of per week like normal people. 12 days in a row is too much....I know....I've worked in buildings where the managers did manager on duty on a rotating basis...I'd work all week then be the MOD on the weekend and then work another whole week before I had a weekend free...not so good.