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I work for an amazing healthcare system, but have tried and tried again with calls and emails to HR with no calls back. I came down with Covid and feel like I'm on my own. If I even get paid this Friday, it exhausts the last of my PTO. My manager and supervisor have been great. HR is just not there though. I tried to do short term disability on my own with no guidance and my doctors office said that for them to fill out the paperwork, I have to test negative twice and set an appointment and bring it in person. Obviously, by then I can work and won't need it. But by then, at the rate that I keep testing negative, I'll be destitute.

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I filled out a release of information form that was provided on my short term disability company's website. Does that mean that they will try to obtain it instead? I'm hoping that the case. I've always loved my doctors office, but that made no sense to me.


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This should not be a short-term disability issue but rather worker's comp, should it not (assuming you have been working and your exposure is likely through work)?

I know your manager isn't responsible for working through all of this, but s/he is your closest contact in this situation, so have you told him/her the bad time you are having and ask if they can do anything to help light a fire under HR a little?

What's up with your doctor's office? Is the reason for needing to test negative twice because they are demanding an in-person visit and won't let you into the building while positive? Can't they do a telehealth visit and then help you with paperwork via fax or email if their participation is required in order for you to get the help you need?

Your work should know what they do for work-related illnesses/injuries and HR shouldn't be ignoring you.

I am sorry this is happening. I hope you're feeling okay and that you can get some wheels turning in the next couple of days.

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