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No show in CA, how do I reapply for the NCLEX???

by ulalia91 ulalia91 (New) New

I made a huge mistake with trusting pearsonvue. I made a date for the nclex, but had to move it for personal circumstance....i went through the confirmation, time and date( I totally remember this!!) I even checked to see if it saved. But it didn't save somehow and the site claimed me as a "No Show". How annoying!! any way, I immediately paid my 200 dollar reg fee with pearson and sent in my 150$ fee for the BON along with a request for reapplication. A month has passed and I haven't received any acknowledgment that I sent the fee in!! So i am worried and frustrated, Plus I am loosing all my motivation to study! What is the normal process for this??? should it be taking this long?? and I also call the BON in ca about five times a day and they are always busy and say to call bck! I am loosing it, HElp please

I called today to find out why is taking so long to hear about results and they said they're backlog. Whatever it means. I know is very irritating but please don't give up!

I had to reapply in CA too, but because I didn't pass the first time. The BRN received my application July 23, and my check was cashed August 25 and my reapplication showed up on my breeze account that day. Still no new ATT to this day. So roughly looking at 4-5 weeks until they cash your check! CA BRN needs some major improvements!

Did you get an email confirmation of the change from Pearson Vue? When I changed my date, I was sent an email of the change to the email address registered with the account. It would look almost exact to the email that you got when you registered for the exam the first time.

If you have that email, I'd call Pearson Vue. If not, then it may be likely that you did not complete the change request in its entirety.

On the website, I read the , "how to reaapply for the NCLEX" on the questions and answers page and it said showed a reapplication form. I downloaded it, but it was just one paper...so i filled it out and sent it in with the 150 two weeks ago. Is the process more than sending in that form? Do i have to re-fill out an entire application, with finger prints and everything?? thakns:) I have faith that we can do it..it's just a long time waiting!! err

I don't think i got an email confirmation..if i did i accidentally delete it. I already talked to pearson adn they said there was nothing they could do:( i got to be more careful next time...

Send the reapply application with a 150 check then wait for the ATT. It took me 3 months to get it. That was in January & got it end of March.