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Hey everyone,

So I took my NCLEX yesterday around 2pm. I'm from Virginia so we don't have the option of the quick results. I finished the exam in 75 questions and, honestly, didn't think it was that bad. I got pretty good scores on Uworld, so I was feeling pretty confident.

I went to check if my license was on license look-up this morning and there was nothing there. Many of my other classmates who took their exam yesterday already have their licenses posted to the BON. Does this mean I failed?

I did the Pearson Vue trick 4 times so far and each time I've gotten the "good" pop-up.

I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and they passed or if I should just accept that I failed and move on?


So, I may have freaked out prematurely, my results posted at 5pm (right before the BON closed for the day) and I passed! The Pearson Vue trick worked for me!

I kept searching forums, but I just wanted to put out there that just because someone takes the exam the same day as you, DOES NOT MEAN that your results will post the same day. Maybe this was universal knowledge but I had no idea. I kept seeing my classmates from VA post their passing results and license numbers at 9am the next day, which ultimately had me worried because (besides the PVT) this was our only way of knowing if we passed before our official results came in the mail.

Also, calling the BON was very helpful too. They may give you some insight as to where your NCLEX results stand. I called them earlier in the day, when I was still awaiting results, and the person updated me telling me that my scores were in the second stage of grading and to call back later and keep checking the license look up. Just another way besides the PVT to maybe get a sense of where you stand.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone else and will prevent them from spending an entire day freaking out like me haha!

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And, congratulations on passing NCLEX!

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