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I have been trying for a while to get a job at a hospital, even as a cafeteria cashier or food transporter to patients, just to have a background. I am not a CNA or have any certifications in the field yet and sometimes it makes me feel annoyed that no matter how many applications I fill out, working at a hospital, IMO, is one of those jobs where you must know someone in administration or someone who has connections to put in a good word for you in order to even be considered. The people that I do know that work in hospitals were hired because of who they know, rather than just the old fashioned way -- your application is looked at and recruiter reaches out to you if you qualify, whether they know you or not. So I am currently working cashier jobs just to get by. My resume just have experiences in retail, grocery, fast food, work study in the Nursing department on my campus, some volunteer work, etc.

I am currently pre-nursing (traditional BSN) and just want to be around the hospital environment to get a feel of it. I have also applied to begin volunteering with patients at Hospice Care, so I am wanting so much to just gain experience because I kind of feel a little "behind" as I am beginning my junior year come this Fall.

Do anyone else have previous experiences like this that could possibly help me out here?


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Something you may also be able to look into is becoming a medical scribe. I am not an expert on this and I am not sure if this is an option in your state. I would not say that you are behind because not every person I know (BSN or ADN) route has hospital or volunteer experience.

You may also want to consider shadowing nurses. If you have a PCP, talking to some of the nurses there may be a route to start off with if you do not know any nurses personally. You may also need to reach out through classmates or other people you know. It'll take some digging, but it may pay off.

Lastly, you may need to actually become a CNA or pursue something along those lines. I had heard in some areas that once you start nursing and get through a certain semester that you become eligible to start working as a CNA. I am not sure if you would still need to take the exam or anything. Some of the future nurses I know work on the weekend.

Best of luck and I hope this gives you some more options to look into. Just remember, not everyone going into nursing has experience!

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Make sure you have CPR certification. Also look into a phlebotomy course, if you want to be a CNA. And then reapply. Volunteering is a good start.

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Stay positive and keep trying =)

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I empathize with you because even after being EMT certified it took a long 7 months to get a hospital job. I did not know anyone at the hospital so I applied and hoped for the best.

You only need one hospital to give you the opportunity and then once you're in, you're in.

Medical Scribe is a great way to get not only medical terminology experience but also the chance to work 1:1 with a provider. If not, an EMT license and certificate offers the best versatility (ED Tech, Nursing Assistant, MA, PCT, etc).

Keep applying.