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No longer confused...


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Ok guys...

I'm sure you've seen me post on here how I'll do this and do that...

I've changed my mind several times, and I've been so confused as to what to do...

But I've finally took the plunge and actually enrolled in a phlebotomy class.

I did this 1. because to get into the nursing program of my choice I need some kind of medical cert, and 2. because I feel that this would be a great way to get used to sticking people with needles.

So... there... I was contimplating whether or not to post something so trivial, but, I'm happy about it.

So this next year I'll be finishing pre-reqs, volunteering with COPE and doing Phlebotomy... :) GO ME!!




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Good for you :)

SwampCat, BSN

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Best wishes!

savnlivzPRN, LVN

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thanks pdx and swampy... :)


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good luck!!

This is actually something I've been thinking about doing as well.