No jobs- should I take a job at a SNF with a poor reputation?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I got my RN license just as the Covid-19 situation took a turn for the worst. Now most, if not all, the RN residency programs in my area have been suspended. I have received an offer from a SNF but am weary of accepting it because of the things I've heard about this particular facility and their treatment of new grads.

I am lucky enough to be living with my parents at the moment, so I am not pressured into needing a job, but I definitely would like to start my career as a nurse. Should I accept the job in the meantime as the future of the residency programs remain uncertain? Or would it be better to hold out for a program career-wise?

Dear Lucky,

It's a different time now, and unfortunately, the Covid-19 situation is affecting new grads applying for their first jobs.

Many hospitals have postponed their residency programs, and decisions to reinstate programs are fluid, as the situation evolves. Some residency programs will continue, but may look different, with fewer live classes.

One thing for sure, though, hospitals still need to hire nurses.

I would not take a job at a SNF with a reputation for not treating new grads well. Chances are that means you would be given too much responsibility and not enough support. Not only

It may take longer to land your first job, but you deserve a good start. Transitioning from school to practice is challenging and it's better to wait a bit to find the best fit for you.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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