NNP- Nicu only?


Is there anywhere an NNP can work besides in a Newborn ICU?

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Some work in the nursery (although it's usually staffed by PNPs) and I've heard of some out-patient well baby visits, but that'd be pretty unusual. Oh- and we did have a NNP that worked in our developmental clinic who did assessments with a developmental peds doctor.


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NNPs can care for infants up to age 2 yrs.

Yes, but where would they do that outside of the NICU, besides where babyNP has listed?

I just am curious if one becomes an NNP, are they totally confined to the NICU?

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This was my concern because I enjoy working with neonates but also realize I would be limited. I enrolled in a FNP which would give me more options in the future.


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Our hospital has a transitional clinic that moms can take their babies to for 2 weeks after birth (more for jaundice/feeding problems) and I could work there after graduation, also we have a pediatric hospitalist program that is looking at using an NNP for their well-baby exams in the hospital. But yes, the NNP is very limited to NICUs for the most part. I almost looked at the PNP for that reason.


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I almost looked at the PNP for that reason.

What convinced you to stick with NNP?