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My application is in the ques for assessment , mine farm 1 is signed by director of care and farm 2 is sign by head nurse I haven't heard anything as of yet

They should allow as head nurse usually supervise


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Hi everyone,

Once your application is in the ques for NMC assessment how long does it take to hear from them. They uploaded all my documents last week haven't heard anything yet

From your queue date, NMC will usually assess your application within 30-60 days depending on the complexity of your application. When your application is already being assessed, you will receive an e-mail if they need any additional documents. Otherwise, if your application is straightforward, you will receive your decision letter.


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Encountered the same problem today. May you please tell me how you managed to resolve it.

"document received resubmission" just means that NMC has received your documents but they need to re-upload it in the right section of your portal. This happens usually for those with multiple registrations and for different employers. There is no need for you to submit any additional documents at this time. NMC will contact you through e-mail once your documents are already being assessed and they need more info/documents.


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I have a ton of cbt review materials if you'd be interested. Maybe I can e-mail the to you?

Hey Yes that would be amazing!! My email is sarahmugavin@gmail.com THANK YOU!


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Hi, I recently pass the IELTS test, and was about to enter my eligibility to take the CBT. However, after entering my IELTS on the NMC portal I received an email that my application was unsuccessful and that I would need to wait for 6 mos to reapply. Would anyone know the reason for that?. Thank you.


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Good luck to everyone who's waiting for their DL


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Can anyone please help me

My school cannot provide the breakdown of hours. in section 5a. They can only provide me the combined number of hours in each subject in my RLE and TOR . Can i send this to NMC? Pleasr help