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NMC - Police Clearance


Was somebody who already had the decision letter asked to submit a police clearance from countries where you worked at the age of 18?

I just finished my ONP, but a friend who worked before in Saudi Arabia who also had her ONP told me the NMC is requiring her to submit police clearnce from Saudi.

This was not required before the changes, it was not indicated on my pack 2 to submit a police clearance.

This is another anxiety for me if they will ask one. I thougt once u have the decision letter, u have already escaped from the agony of submitting documents. Now this thing again?

anyone experienced the same?

yes it is, but this was not indicated before I filled up my pack 2. Can i sue NMC for making us so stressful about this? this is not funny anymore.. I have never seen anything about submitting police clearance before, anyone who has had decisions already experiencing the same?

not yet hopefully they wont - i phoned them and ask them if any docs outstanding, they didnt mention anything. he said i will receive my PIN 1-3 months... maybe i was assesed and got the decision letter prior to the change... maybe my friend was jokin!


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Well I started the process in 2012 and decision letter march 2014 and there was never anything about that for me!

Well I started the process in 2012 and decision letter march 2014 and there was never anything about that for me!

hi gen88, have u got your PiN

already? as of today I phoned them again and told me Im still on queu for decision, so even you have done the ONP - you still have wait up to 3 months for the final pack to come according to my colleagues..

update: they did not ask for police clearance, I called them yesterday and been told that final pack will arrive in 7 days, I paid 133 GBP for my initial registration through nmc online payment, tip: to check the status of your application after onp is to check via nmc online payment and see if you are required to pay for your initial registration. I will send my self declaration via next day delivery once received. I'll update again soon..


I envy you. In order to get a Saudi Police clearance for ex-Saudi nurse, you need to get a finger print card from NBI or PNP. The problem is that they ask too many requirements. After that, you need to ask a representative based in KSA to do it for you. I don't know how long the process may take. I need the said clearance before January. It's really frustrating. Any advice?

the best thing you could do is to have a representative from saudi arabia to process it for you, my friend told me that it is quick as long as you have all the required documents. here is a link that may help you..



try to contact your colleague from saudi to do it for you. hope u will get yours soon.


Thanks. I also saw those links. I am just wondering if anyone has a first-hand experience so I'll know what to expect.


Hello oliver!

Its been a while since I last opened allnurses, and i also sent you a pm yesterday. At last, my pack 2 was sent by NMC last October 24. Maybe yours is coming soon as well.

How was the processing of your police clearance from KSA going?

We just really have to keep praying that everything goes well.


I have been busy also.

When did you call NMC? I called them about a week ago. The line was so busy, I had to wait and then suddenly the call was dropped. It cost me about 200 php but I was not able to talk to anyone.

When did you send your Pack 1 again? I sent mine last week of September. Maybe it will take sometime....

Sent you an email though.

Our God will provide. There's no need to worry.

update to everyone: sad to say after paying my initial registration they require me police clearance, so even i wasnt required for this during my second stage... i finished the ONp and all but now... sooo dissapointed... I have spoken to somebody on the NMC and she said if I could talk to someone in Saudi embassy here in london to explain that they dont issue police certificate they will accept that... fingers crossed..

That's too bad cool planet. I hope you can make it. Anyway, how long did you undergo ONP?

i finished it in 3 mos.. im on the process of police clearance for now...

Wow. You're a demigod! I heard many took it for more than 3 months. What's the secret to finish it in 3 months and not 6 months? Anyway, Is the duration of the ONP indicated in the decision letter?

Once you finish ONP, will your salary increased automatically to band 5 or it may take a while? They said that if you're under ONP, you will be categorized as band 4 with lower salary.

According to my agency, NMC is really strict about police and state clearances. But I know you'll find a way.

thank u... The secret to finish onp fast is too be with your mentor all the time your on.. and let her sign all the competencies you have finished.. If I were u just take the exam and osce it is faster. Im just lucky because my mentor is also a friend who I have been working for 3 years so she knows me very well. I started as band 3 but they said after i get my pin i will automatically band 5.