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Hi! This is my first post. I am taking the entrance exam tuesday morning. This is the 3rd testing date of the year & there will be about 100 people there. Only 16 will be accepted! I am so nervous. Does any one have any advice or words of wisdom? Thanks in advance!


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Take a deep breath . RELAX Think positive . :)

Wishing you GOOD LUCK.


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The best advice that I can give is to review your basic math skills. That was the hardest part of the test for me. The rest was just reading.

jschut, BSN, RN

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Don't freak out!


Take your time!

Good Luck!


Brown Suga

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To avoid freaking out on exam day, don't study the night before. Instead you should do something that you enjoy and doesn't stress you out. Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before. Good luck and best wish to you in your future endeavors.

Marlita :cool: :p


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Thanks everyone! I took the exam yesterday. The math was fine, but I didn't care much for the science portion. I was suprised at all of the questions about plants. Our school goes by the percentile, so hopefully no one else knew about the plants either! Now I just have to wait until March to find out if I am accepted.


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I took the NLN in December and thought that it was the worst and the most surprising thing happened...I got a higher score than anyone I know. I got a 130. Not too bad since our school goes by points and I got 3 for that!

Let us know your scores when you get them next week.

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