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NJ Education Association ad campaign highlights school nursing


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Philadelphia area TV stations have been featuring this catchy ad from NJ Education Association which I thought was well done in explaining pivotal role of school nurse in keeping students in the classroom.

NJEA ad campaign highlights school nurses

"Keeping students healthy and learning is what we do best!"

NJEA's newest Pride in Public Education ad campaign highlights the key role that school nurses play in keeping New Jersey public school students healthy and learning. Featuring NJEA members Cynthia Samuel and Sue Scalgione, the ads vividly demonstrate the wide range of health and educational services that school nurses offer to students. The campaign will run for approximately six weeks and includes television, radio and online ads in both English and Spanish.

Video: https://players.brightcove.net/616302910001/HklOjeNve_default/index.html?videoId=5775232712001

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it's been nice seeing it play. i even had a staff member make a comment that they didn't realize that nurses had to do so much. i'm glad someone was able to find it to post it here


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Nicely done!!!