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NJ BON - licensing timeline AFTER passing NCLEX

by CNMorBust CNMorBust (New) New

I took my NCLEX July 26, got my unofficial pass results from Pearson on July 28. How long will it take to get my license number? Do any of you feel it will be helpful to go down to Newark and ask for the number in person?

Thanks so much!

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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At least 4 weeks unless your background is still pending . All licensees once application, credential/education verification, NCLEX, & background complete all applicants are reviewed by board committee. It used to be 6-8 weeks but a wee bit quicker with online applications.


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Nj requires official results to be mailed to them by pearson vue. Going to newark won't expedite anything for at least a few weeks because at this point they dont even know you passed.

I got my license number today!

I called on 8/7 and they told me my results from Pearson were entered on 8/5. I went down in person to Newark on 8/8 and they said I would have it by 8/15. I got it today 8/13, 18 days after passing my NCLEX.

I found going there was extremely helpful.

Thank you all for your input!