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Hello all,

Just a quick question...what is the process for taking the NCLEX in nj?

To go more in depth with my question how long after I submit my application do I have have to wait for my ATT? Or have anyone any suggestions to get the ATT faster?

I want to get my ATT ASAP so I could schedule and take my test. Any suggestions, comments, directions will indeed help. Thanks and happy studying for those taking the NCLEX. And congrats to all who took and passed! Hopefully I'll be joining you soon!

did you submit the application already? and go through the criminal background check and all that.

i took the nclex in nj also on the 15th. it took about 3 weeks for me to get the att. i wasn't in a rush to get it so i just waited until i got the email, but some of my friends needed to take the nclex sooner and called pearsonvue/nj board of nursing multiple times everyday asking about it. some of them did get their att after 2 weeks, so i think pestering them does help! :p

good luck!!

also i had trouble finding this so just passing it on----to find your license number online in nj:


nj is really slow with everything though! i passed but am still waiting for my license to show up

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I'm goin to apply this afternoon...and I heard you don't need to have your fingerprints done to get your ATT...is that true? I mean I already did my fingerprints for my job within the 6 months period...so hopefully I can just pay for those fingerprints to be transferred over to the NJ BON.

thanks so much for your reply...it helped!