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Nitro spray question


Hi! I can't find the answer to this question:

Why can we not shake Nitro spray before administering?

I did this by mistake and was told not to, but no one was able to tell me the reason.



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Shaking the bottle can displace the liquid in the tube and cause the measuring chamber to measure the wrong amount of drug. This means you may not receive a full dose. In that case, the exact amount of drug delivered cannot be determined.

source: Nitrolingual® Pumpspray Website


OK, but I always prime it first, as it says to do....so wouldn't the dose sprayed end up being correct?

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Nitro + shaking =explosion! I am kidding,really but I worked with a nurse once that believed that...

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I prime with a dose sprayed into the air first. In all seriousness I once worked in a hospital that sent a nitro drip up through the tube system and it exploded enroute. Took them weeks to clean up the mess.

Wow, that's crazy!! I'll never shake it again! lol