nipissing university RPN to BScN blended option


Hi I was wondering if anyone else is starting this program or is already in it. I have recently gotten accepted to this program. Is anyone out there doing this program or completed it? How are things like OSCE's assessed if it is by distance education? Also can I complete it before the 5 year point because I am not working full time hours and have a lot more time to put into school (new grads never get full time hours as we all know). Would love to hear from people who are in the program!


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I will be starting this program in September as well. You have to start with two courses per semester but with good grades you are allowed up to 4 I think. Exams are taken in person at a place close to your address in webadvisor and are proctored. This is determined closer to the exam period.


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I am currently in the program. Finished 3 semesters already.. Its a good program.

Yes you can finish it sooner. You need to do a couple of semesters with good grades and then you can ask to take more classes.

We do clinicals so thats how they assess our skills.

If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask

How is the program going? I am starting this September. How many hours a week so you feel you need per course


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Hi, just wondering how the program is going? I am thinking of applying for September 2018 or January 2019. I have heard the clinicals can be cancelled last minute or where you are placed depends on the majority of where students live. Have you experienced this?