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Has anyone worked night shift just because of the money...not because you are a night person and if so how did you adjust your lifestyle?

I am working nights because that's what I was hired to do . . . . not because I'm a night person, although yes, the extra money is nice. I guess I need more specifics about what you mean? I sleep when I come home, and try to get at least 7 hours if possible. The hardest part is switching back on your night off - if you only have one night off, it's not worth it and I stay up most of the night anyway. If you have more than one, sleep a little less than usual the first day, then hopefully you can get turned back around - but sometimes not. I've only been doing this about 5 weeks and I'm not quite used to it yet, but I can tell you it doesn't kill ya . . . if I end up going without sleep for a day, it's not a good feeling but you work through it and make it up when you can.

Good luck!


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The reason I'm asking is because I'm thinking about going to a flex nurse at night.Alot more money.Tha problem is last time I did nights I didn't adjust to it.I wanted to sleep all the time.I didn't have a problem staying up while at work but I was almost depressed feeling while I was at home.I'm hoping I don't start feeling the same way again. Any tips?

If you are going to work nights because you need the shift differential, then you will have to keep your priorities in mind. Your body will want proper rest no matter what your goals are and will try to sabotage your night shift routine.


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I have been working nights for almost 3yrs, and lemme tell ya, if you are not a night person, its very hard to adjust on your off time. That depression you speak of is called being overtired...its a difficult feeling to get thru, I am a niteowl and I get it sometimes myself. Good luck with that but its like anything you do, stick to what makes you feel good!!

I work nights now and it took my body @ 8 weeks to get comfortable with it. I'm still not used to it after 12weeks but I am much better than before. I get off in the mornings and go straight to bed. I allow my body to wake at its own time (instead of using an alarm clock). That way I feel more rested. I then take a short hour or two nap before I have to leave for work. Getting your rest is very important. I'm on a 7 on 7 off rotation so it can get very tiring. I did find that my body did better when it got adequate sleep. Yes, I chose to work it because at the time that's what was open in the ICU. Day shift is more difficult to get because everyone wants to work days.


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I work nights...I sleep from whenever I get home to 3-4 ish and then 7-915. That works for me. You will figure it out. Good luck!