night nurse and working out?



I have been on nights now for 8weeks. I was a big time work out girl before i hit nights, but its all fallen off! I am soo tired on my first day off i can barely get off the couch. I am to scared to workout after i get off because i fear i will never get to sleep! Any suggestions? does it get easier? I still get to the gym 2x a week and i figure its better than nothing.


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Well done on 2 times a week! I dont think there is any harm as long as you sleep long enough when you get to bed... Your body will be tired after working anyway... have you also thought of working out prior to work?? sometimes you feel better (I dont but some people do). Good luck!


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problem with before work is dinner, i usually get up at 4ish and spend time with my family and have dinner then hit the before is a tuffy if i worked the night before. If i have not worked the night before i have no problem going in the morning=)


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What kind of shifts do you do? I switched to nights recently and I'm doing 2 8s and 2 12s. I'm not doing *anything* when I have 2 12s back to back, but if I'm doing 8s and going in at 11, I try to get in a workout. After dinner and before 11 is a good time. I would also not want to do one in the morning after working all night. I'm afraid it wouldn't go well for me - but I'm only a few weeks into this so maybe my body will adjust more.



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I am facing the same problem. I work 3 12s and I never have any energy. I drive 70 minutes so I can't workout before going in or I will never see the kids.

I know working out would help, it is a vicious circle. Tired=lazy=no workouts=tired


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Nights does take a while to get used to. I rarely work overtime unless I need the money for something so when I make my schedule I make sure I have 2-3 days off in a row and I work out those days. Then the day I am suppose to go back to work, I work out early in the a.m., get some sleep and go into work that night. It's worked out well for me. I take Krav Maga so those classes are at night which works well for me, the other two days I work out whenever I want but usually its in the morning.


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pop in a Pilates tape, very good energizing workout:pumpiron: