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NICU Temp Probes

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Hello! I was wondering about different NICU policies regarding temp probes for Giraffe isolettes. I was taught that the temp probe should always be placed over the liver or over the flank if baby is prone. I have noticed that many people are still placing probes underneath the axilla. What is your unit's policy regarding probe placement? Does your unit use Mepitac to secure probes to the skin or the reflective temp probe covers as pictured in the link below? Thanks!


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We just had a forum about this a month ago that might be useful:

I wrote a pretty detailed response in that forum. The only thing I'd add is that you're always supposed to use reflective tape over the probe when in radiant warmer mode. You can still secure it with mepitac, then put the reflective sticker on top.

The warmer provides radiant heat, which works kind of like sunlight. Without reflective tape, the probe with absorb heat from the radiant warmer. The skin temp reading will be falsely elevated, and the baby will get cold. The sticker deflects the extra heat away from the probe, so it only detects the heat of the baby.


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^^Thank you^^ I was having a case of deja vu. I thought we just had this question.