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I work for a level 2E nicu.  myself and about 3 others are required to float to post partum but everyone else does not.  I know it's not the end of the world but the favoritism at this job is affecting my mental health.  I hate post partum.  I've requested to just work nicu like everyone else and my boss said nope it's never going to change.   so I will get kicked out of my nursery in the middle of 3 12 hour shifts so someone who "doesn't do post partum" can take my spot.  I'm just at the point where I'm going to give up and find another job.  am I just being petty? 


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anneRN96 said:

 am I just being petty? 

No--especially if there's no justifiable why some of you need to do this and others don't. How did this come about? Is this a newer position for you, such as a situation where you are hired to a position that is technically different than theirs?

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No,this is wrong way to treat nurses,no one has a non floating position,unless the union contract states circumstances when floating is needed,it is all go or none go..look up your job description slot,some are designated for  area X/Y not just the unit base.

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