What do you all think about this job?

  1. Hi, some of you know me but for those who don't I am graduating in May. I applied for both a NICU position and OB position in one hospital but just a NICU position in another hospital because they don't have any more new grad positions left in the OB area because those are going to the current tech's who are graduating in May.

    The one hospital where I applied only for the NICU position the HR general nursing recruiter has told me that she forwarded my application the the NICU nurse manager. That has been a month now. I know this NICU nurse manager name but I don't have her phone number. The last time I talked to the HR general nursing recruiter she has told me that the NICU nurse manager has been going through a lot and she has been going back and forth to two different hospitals trying to help manage the NICU at the other hospital she does not primarily work at and so there has been a lot going on and she has told me to be patient but to keep checking with her the HR general nursing recruiter. This has been 2 weeks ago now. So question is should I e-mail the nurse recruiter back and ask her about the position as well as seeing if I can have contact info for the nurse manager or should I just wait. The only reason why I say e-mail is because the recruiter told me that is the best way to get in contact with her. I am so afraid with the problem of waiting that If I wait too much longer the positions may get filled but at the same time I am afraid of seeming like I am a pest although I have only inquired about the position a total of 2 times over the past month.

    What would you do if you were in my shoes.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   nicudaynurse
    I don't see any problem in e-mailing the recruiter. I would let her know that you are still interested in a position in the NICU and would like you know when you can get an interview. I do think that this hospital is waiting too long to get back with you.

    It doesn't sound like this NICU is very organized at the moment. Does this particular hospital have internships in the NICU for new grads??

    I would definitely be looking into other hospitals in the area. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

    I graduated in May of 98 and I did start looking for a job a few months prior to graduation. Interviews started around the end of March and went into April and May.

    Don't worry because there are a lot of jobs right now even for new grads. and NICU is always looking for nurses.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!
  4. by   NiteNICUNurse
    I would go for it and just call the nurse manager directly. When I applied at the hospital I now have worked at for 6 years HR claimed they had no positions open for new grads. Yet, when I called the NICU nurse manager directly I had an interview that week and she hired me on the spot. Imagine the HR reps face when I came back in to sign my paperwork!! If it's a big hospital it is very easy to slip through the cracks of the bureacracy! Just be forward and direct and go for what you want!
  5. by   prmenrs
    I would definitely e-mail--you're following up on a job app, so I certainly don't see a problem. It's not like you're phoning her every day.

    Also look at other stuff so you can get your "fate" organized--It sounds like you're at that "what's gonna happen next" stage, and after having been programed for school the last few years, you need to know.

    I wish you the very best as you start your new career--and here's hoping it's in NICU w/ a great new grad/orientation program.
  6. by   NICU_Nurse
    I think you should not only go ahead and send an email to the recruiter, but it wouldn't hurt to call hospital information and try to get the number to the NICU manager's office. If she's got voice mail, I would leave a message simply introducing myself and saying that I applied for a position but hadn't heard back from HR or the recruiter, and that if she had any questions about my application or resume she is more than free to call me at anytime to discuss them. This way, you're being active about it, and I was told that sometimes applications sit in HR forever and may never make it to the actual unit, depending on staffing, etc. Contacting her directly lets her know that, hey, here's an enthusiastic candidate for the job just waiting around for a word,so she may be able to expedite things a bit. I'd make the message brief, because as you said she's busy, but I'd bet that it's likely that she'll go, Oh! We have an applicant? Or Oh, I forgot, thank goodness she called to remind me. ;>) Good luck! And ditto the new grad orientation- this is essential, and should definitely be part of your criteria when evaluating job choices.
  7. by   nurse falula
    i would defitinely try to contact the nurse manager. but i can understand how hard it may be contact the manager, the unit i work in is unorganized right now due to managment changes. hang in there and don't give up!