Want to get into NICU

  1. I am a new grad. I have no clinical experience with neonatals or peds. I was wondering what certifications i should do that will give me an edge to offset my lack of experience. Also would you advise on getting certification without actual experience?
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  3. by   AutumnDraidean
    Get a position on maternal newborn or in PICU. Get your NRP in any case.
  4. by   peterm2
    I was thinking of getting NRP, is there any other certifications that would help me. Would PALS help me even though it s for Peds
  5. by   NicuGal
    I wouldn't recommend it. You get those classes with orientation. It most likely won't make a difference to most places because you really don't have the background to apply those skills. I would try to get into peds or newborn nursery as a foot in the door if their aren't any NICU positions.
  6. by   babyNP.
    I would disagree because I believe it showed my commitment to wanting NICU and impressed my manager. When you're fighting against dozens of applications, you need to find a way to shine. I wouldn't do pals, though, because it would look like you might really want to do picu/peds. Plus that class would be very hard for someone with no experience (I attempted in nursing school and was in over my head). NRP was hard, but manageable and I did it as a senior nursing student.
  7. by   peterm2
    Is there anything else you did, that really helped you get an edge. NICU is my dream job right now but it is so hard to get into it right now
  8. by   icnnurse
    I would suggest along with starting NICU speciality courses (even just take the 1st one), and NRP, take a breastfeeding course.
  9. by   Best_Name_Ever
    I would suggest trying to get your foot in the door anywhere within the hospital. I work in L&D. Most of our nurses, along with the ones who work in neo, pp, and nursery, were internally hired from other floors of the hospital. The exceptions are the ones who have previous directly related experience. It is very competitive, so take what you can get. You have your whole career ahead of you, dont be disappointed if you cant find a job. As for NRP, they will have you do that in orientation...so don't waste your time. All you have to do is let them know you are willing to do it...