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  1. Want to get into NICU

    Is there anything else you did, that really helped you get an edge. NICU is my dream job right now but it is so hard to get into it right now:(
  2. Want to get into NICU

    I was thinking of getting NRP, is there any other certifications that would help me. Would PALS help me even though it s for Peds
  3. Want to get into NICU

    I am a new grad. I have no clinical experience with neonatals or peds. I was wondering what certifications i should do that will give me an edge to offset my lack of experience. Also would you advise on getting certification without actual experience...
  4. C- Section or Vaginal birth

    I have a question? My sister woke up in the middle of the night with a fever of 39 degrees. She went to the ER. The fever disappeared on it s own with no medication. When the RNs checked the fetus' vital. His HR was 200. It dropped after an hour or ...
  5. Tips for a NICU New Grad?

    thanks a bunch. this will be helpful
  6. Pediatric Position help

    I am in the same boat. I will definitely take your advice. I have been asking around to see if anyone knows anyone within that field. It is difficult but I am not giving up. I want to start in Peds and remain in Peds. Hoping for that first interview....
  7. Getting that First RN job

    Having experience, whether it involves work or volunteer will help you. Highlight anything related to the health field on your resume. Best of luck. I just started applying for jobs. This is some of the input i have received. I have decided to also g...
  8. Eager to hit the pavement....

    I think starting early will definitely help you. It is highly competitive out there, and showing eagerness is always good. Have you decided what field you want to start with, or are you ok with applying withing any areas. If you lack experience, best...
  9. New grad. How to land my first job? Please help

    What would be a good place to relocate to? I honestly want to start with Pediatrics and stick to it. I know What I want and any suggestions would be good.
  10. New grad. How to land my first job? Please help

    I did go to Ryerson. I liked my placements but would have really liked if I had the opportunity to the Peds rotation. Since I am a new user, I cannot inbox you, but I would definitely like the opportunity to discuss what you did. Let me know if there...
  11. New grad. How to land my first job? Please help

    Thank you for your input. The only experience I have is babysitting babies and toddlers throughout high school up to now. Also one of my placements involved assisting with play time for toddlers. I know what you mean about people thinking they want t...
  12. I have no clinical experience in Peds. My clinical placement did not have any Peds rotation. It was a luck of the draw. What can i do to get started? I know that this is definitely what I want to do. Any advice would help. Certification and any oth...
  13. New grad. How to land my first job? Please help

    This was back in 1980, and you cannot base the hospital's reputation on the acts of one nurse. That was definitely tragic and hopefully will never occur anywhere ever again. But, overall, this hospital is well renowned and gives excellent care to the...
  14. New grad. How to land my first job? Please help

    It is officially termed The Hospital for Sick Children but it has been shortened as SickKids.
  15. New grad. How to land my first job? Please help

    My placement consisted of med/surg, mental health, LTC and we also did public health nursing at non- hospital facilities. None of the locations had any relation to pediatrics, and I know that a Pediactric position would be challenging. None of my ins...