Staph Aureus

  1. What is your rate of staph aureus in your unit? Is it a problem, and do you routinely swab for eye drainage? We seem to have an ongoing problem with this and I'm just wondering what the rest of the world is doing. Our problem is even caused our neo to swab our nares!, Do you think this is fair? Thanks
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  3. by   fergus51
    We have outbreaks here and there. I think it's fine to swab the staff as long as they swab ALL the staff (including docs, RTs, etc). This should not be a blame thing, just a chance to eliminate potential sources of infection. I mean, even if you came up positive, it doesn't mean you gave it to a baby. It could be you got it from the hospital.
  4. by   sparkyRN
    Our babies are now routinely cultured on admission and once a week after that because of an ongoing issue with MRSA. We all got cultured a few months ago (not pleasant); I don't know of anyone who was positive, though they probably wouldn't say if they were. Occasionally we get a baby colonized, but rarely do they actually have an infection.
  5. by   dawngloves
    We've had outbreaks of MRSA that has led to the staff being cultured. The nurses always come up negative.
    Can't think of any Staph infections.
  6. by   georgiatink
    Hi! We had 2 babies in our newborn nursery that wound up with MRSA. Led to whole staff being cultured ( all negative ) and the practice of gowning and gloving before touching any baby in the newborn nursery. Our nursery was closed and we started couplet care. They found out that these cases were community acquired. They blamed the nurses when they should look at the visitor policy. Tons of people around a newborn who can be sick and who often don't wash hands before touching a newborn. It's tough. Tink