1. With all the increased infection comments I was wonderin......
    Are your scrubs provided?
    How is your infection rate?

    About 4 years ago we went from optional hospital scrubs to no hospital scrubs. We also had parents stop wearing cover gowns
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  4. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Did anyone do any stats on nosocomials?
  5. by   prmenrs
    Clothing and infections are not related.
  6. by   Anniekins
    Our hospital does not provide scrubs for the nurses, so I wear my own. If they provided them, I'd certainly wear them!
  7. by   Gompers
    I really don't think it matters one way or another as far as infection goes, but I love that we have to wear the hospital's surgical scrubs.

    Pros: no laundry, save a ton of money, no stressing over what to wear, gives the image of a "clean" environment, makes our staff look like a unified team, easy to just throw on a lab coat and run to the OR for a C-section, plenty of clean scrubs to change into after a baby vomits Pregestimil all over me...or I spill coffee on myself at 4am

    Cons: not the most attractive outfit in the world

    No contest!!!
  8. by   NeuroICURN
    I have to go with the previous posters on the fact that as long as your home scrubs are laundered, it shouldn't make a bit of difference in terms of infection.

    My hospital does provide scrubs to the OR and recovery room staff, but I'm not sure about the Neonatal and Peds ICUs. Of course if someone gets dirty, they can always get a pair of the hospital scrubs.
  9. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    I launder mine of course, but between the laundry and work, there is the car seat, the train bench, various and sundry people bumping into me or brushing by, etc., etc.

    I thought clothing had fomite potential, and that that was why for certain populations, at least, hospitals sometimes provided scrubs. Surgery, oncology, NICU and immune-compromised units come to mind. (Why else do/did they provide them? Just asking, just curious.)

    But, as I recently learned that alcohol wipes are not used before giving injections because as long as you are "socially clean" you won't get an infection, and if you are not, then soap and water is sufficient, I am prepared for anything.

    .... just tell me where to stand.... :imbar
  10. by   natasha700
    I still believe the most effective way to curtail some infections is basic good ole handwashing. Clothing has nothing to do with it. I have sent parents back to the sink because they insist on not scrubbing their hands up to their elbows for 3 minutes. When I tell them about the potential for infecting their young they listen. I have even seen nurses not washing for at least 15 seconds. I have went through major lotion because I can't stand knowing that I could have potentially cause an infection to a baby because I didn't do a basic hygienic practice!