Running off Grief - page 3

It's with sad irony that I power up the treadmill in the gym exactly 24 hours after I started chest compressions on you. You were my first patient loss. Being new to the NICU (though not new to... Read More

  1. by   katierobin23
    I feel like I should clarify, I was his nurse. I didn't re-read this until afterward and it may seem like he was mine...sorry if you were misled. I am very glad this was posted when it was, I was having a hard time with my first patient loss and this helped me...unfortunately I was cloudy minded and didn't make sure I was coming across correctly. OP, I hope you're doing okay with your grief..I just wanted you to know how much this post helped me with mine. <3
  2. by   ksdmom
    So glad you were able to share this and grateful you were able to find a healthy way of dealing with the emotions.