Recommend a book?

  1. Hi, I am starting in the NICU on 2/20 and I would like to read any and all information specifically related to Neonatal nursing before starting. I like to be as prepared as possible and there just wasn't a lot of information given during nursing school. I know I will learn a ton from my preceptors/mentors, I am type A and like to go in with my best foot forward. My critical care book has limited information, litterally 4 pages. If any NICU nurses have a recommendation for a book to buy or something that would be great! Thanks
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  3. by   Contrail
    Congrats, I start my NICU internship on the 21st. My educator recommended we obtain these four books; Merenstein & Gardner's Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care, S.T.A.B.L.E., Neonatal Resuscitation Program handbook and Neofax 24th edition(drug book). I received them all today and I am glancing over them. Best to you!
  4. by   prmenrs
    Merenstein and Gardner--search on Amazon. Also get a CURRENT copy the Neonatal Resucitation Program book. Neofax is another good resource.

    If you search Neonatal Nursing on Amazon (or google), you'll probably come up w/some more ideas.

    Good Luck.
  5. by   Bortaz, RN
    Latest NRP is 6th Edition, iirc.

    Core Curriculum is also a very good book for a new NICU nurse.
  6. by   hcox1975
    I work in a level 3 nicu. We use Manual of Neonatal Care by Cloherty, Eichenwald and Stark. It's awesome!