Question for you NICU nurses: what exactly is special care nursery?

  1. So I have an interview coming up for a position that I was referred to but didn't really apply for directly myself. I was told it was for 'special care nursery', and was told specifically "It's not NICU or intermediate nursery." I have been trying to research the position but all that comes up, even on the hospital website, is NICU. Anyone have any info for me? All I can think of is babies who need to be kept for feeding-growing, or perhaps phototherapy, but that's all I can figure out. Thanks for any help!!
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  3. by   prmenrs
    I think you have to ask them what they mean by that term. Strikes me as a Level 2/Intermediate unit, w/the type of babies you described. Some neonatologists have firm ideas what they want 'their' unit called.

    When interacting @ the interview, use their preferred term. (I'm sure you figured that out already.)
  4. by   littlepeopleRNICU
    I think it really depends on the unit, so I agree, it's important for you to get clarification! Our special care refers to 3-4 baby assignments and they are usually just resolving a few final issues before going home. Lots of times, it's feeding. They may or may not be on a NC or vapotherm, or lower pressure CPAP. Our neighboring hospital only has level II that they refer to as special care in the hospital and on applications, but their babies can be intubated for up to 24-hours. After that, or if they are really sick, they come to us. I think they also only keep babies above x weeks gestational age, but I don't know if that's a written rule or if their acuity is just naturally something that comes to us because of the norm with that GA.