Post Op vitals frequency

  1. I am a CNS in the NICU and am trying to create a policy that specifies how frequently we should be assessing our post-op patients. Most of us currently assess Q15min x4, Q30min x 4, Q1hr x 4 and then Q2hr x4. Is this similar to what you all do? Should we be doing more or less?
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  3. by   KKEGS
    We grab a set of vitals ASAP so we can report off to the surgical transport team before they leave the unit and then we do them exactly as you have it listed.
  4. by   jennylee321
    That sounds good, obviously this also surgery specific. You will need more vitals on a pda ligation than a hernia repair.
  5. by   itsybitsy
    Q15m x 4
    Q30m x 2
    Q1H x 4
    Q2H x 6

    Is what we do.