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I'm a nursing student with not too much farther to go. (YEAH!). I'm giving serious thought to starting in the NICU post-graduation. From what I have observed, it just seems to be the right fit for... Read More

  1. by   djl1
    I worked in the NICU for 4 1/2 yrs as an RRT and then 1 1/2 yrs as an RN. I loved working with the little ones and knowing that I was making a difference in their lives as well as the parents. I just got tired of my 2hr drive there and back home again, but I have not really been happy since I
  2. by   abbythetabby
    I'm a student RN and I just finished my peds rotation. I spent a lot of time in the NICU (level III) because I was the only one in my class who wanted to be there. Everyone thought it was too sad, but I see it as a place that is so full of hope and promise. I thought I would never want to work with kids. Now I can't imagine doing anything else.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories. They echo my feelings 100%!
  3. by   Sarahbean
    I am also a student nurse interested in the NICU. My practicum begins in May (12 weeks long). I just found out yesterday that I got a placement in the NICU and I am so excited!!! This discussion has made me want a NICU career even more. Everyone tells me that it's going to be hard and sad and challenging. This thread has emphasized the good side, the hopeful side. I can't wait until May.
  4. by   jesslynn
    Wow! What inspirational stories. I have just started my pre-reqs for nursing and I have always thought that I would want to work in Labour and Delivery, but after reading this thread I think I might be changing my mind. You all sound so compassionate about your job and that is so refreshing to hear.

    Thanks you for sharing your stories. And keep up the good work!
  5. by   sddlnscp
    I hadn't re-read this thread in quite a while and I am happy I did. I am finishing up my pre-reqs this semester and have my fingers crossed that I get into the program either this year or next. My heart is so set on NICU, I just love it! I love everything about it - from the joy to the heartache and everything in between. I truly hope that my school allows a NICU rotation and I know that I'm going to have to commute quite a ways to work in a NICU, but I know it will be worth it.

    Thank you all for your posts and for keeping this thread alive - it makes my eyes well up with tears and my heart flutter just to read the posts. I commend you all and can't wait to one day be right there with you, telling you how much I love my job!
  6. by   Eryka1
    i just have a question Im currently a nursing student going through the LVN to RN program but im really interested in working in the Neonatal Dept or in Labor & Delivery. But my question is can i work in those dept's as a LVN? Because i want to work as an LVn for a while before i start taking my classes to get my RN?
  7. by   prmenrs
    I think it depends on where you are. I don't know any hospital in THIS area that hires LVNs.

    I'd suggest you check the job listings for hospitals in your area to find out.
  8. by   desilu92
    See below response...
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  9. by   desilu92
    Quote from NoCrumping
    I love the fact that every single thing that I do for that baby matters.... I love the hi tech atmosphere... I love being respected and made to feel necessary by the docs...I love being actually asked by the docs "what do you think we should do for this kid?" and them actually take my advice.... I love making a scared parent feel more at ease with just looking at their frail infant.......I love when a tiny microchip that I helped care for, is a chubby lil one, on full feeds, going home to their family......I love working alongside some of the best docs in neonatal medicine in the country...I also dont mind not ever being allowed to float (we can NEVER spare nurses).... I love telling people what I do, and really sensing their admiration.....I love the overtime in my paycheck, which there is plenty of........I love having a doc around 24/7 365, (not so in so many areas of nsg).I love having just 2 pts to focus on.......I also love going to the feeder grower room sometimes where I can wrap a baby like a burrito and feed her a bottle... and think... "I get paid for this, it doesnt get any better"......I love that I am entrusted with caring for these babies, I truely feel priveleged. I love that my borderline OCD is actually a good thing at work!!!:chuckle ..........I love that I never have to work adult med/surg....I love that I love it so much!!!!! Almost everybody I ask, knew right away this is where they wanted to be. NICU isnt a place that can "grow" on you....I believe its a calling. It's scary, and if your not scared, then watch out... you -dont- know- what- you -dont- know!!!! Good luck, in getting the NICU spot... my school never had that option........
    Thank you, Crumper, for the words of encouragement. I printed your response on an index card and kept it in my nursing school binder during my last quarter of school. I am now working in a Level III NICU and can relate to every word that was said.
  10. by   Starphoenix
    I plan to become a nurse at almost middle age, and I've felt called to the NICU. What's interesting: I have no children, I have no siblings, I have had little babysitting experience, and mostly with older children. I'd have to learn how to change a diaper and feed a baby! Yet, I feel called to this area. I appreciated all of your stories!
  11. by   wisher
    hi everyone... im a newbie here and im amazed at how all of you are doing in your job by reading the things u wrote. wow! i can say that you all are extraordinary people because as i read one post to another, i feel so much touched that i think some tears are flowing in my eyes... im really amazed by the testimonials of how much you love your job.

    its just that i have interview perhaps later and i want to work as a pedia nurse but they will try to place me in the NICU instead. i feel scared to care for the very little ones..you know... but i really like to care for them too...its just that i have a lot of emotions...

    reading posts from here really made me feel that NICU is my "calling" as well as i feel very excited to be a part of the NICU team in time... hopefully i will be granted a chance to work there.

    i agree to the things that you people say and i hope if God's willing that i could really feel the things that you all are saying... im looking forward to experience the wonderful and fulfilling moments which most of you are mentioning here... its so motivating and satisfying to hear you people say all those inspiring posts you posted. thank you!
  12. by   huladancer
    Reading all these posts is giving me warm fuzzies.
  13. by   hica19
    Well I'm not a NICU nurse but I did my final semester preceptorship in the NICU and I absolutely loved it. Always knew I wanted to work with either children or babies when I became a nurse. I love the continuity of care...seeing a baby born so small or so sick and eventually get well enough to go home. In fact, there was one time my preceptor told me to go to see a c-section for a total previa. That delivery turned out to be a code white. The baby came out blue and floppy. Apgar scores were 3 and 2. Took awhile to get the baby stabilized but eventually the team working on the baby was able to transfer her to the NICU. Baby was on the vent for a few days. About a week and a half later, I was assigned to care for that baby with my preceptor. When I took care of her, she was a total grower/feeder. No vent, no IV's, no nothing. Just still in an isolette. I think in the NICU you see the changes faster than anywhere else. One week you are caring for a really small or really sick baby. The next week or even the next day, there could be a complete change. I really like to see that progress and work with families to help them feel comfortable. There was one time I was given a three baby assignment which I took care of almost on my own. I must have done a good job because my preceptor told me that I had made her bored because she had nothing to do. And one of the mothers of a baby I was not even assigned to had thanked me for all the hard work I had done. And that baby's nurse was busy doing something else, the mother asked me if I could way the baby after she finished breastfeeding. I felt extremely rewarded after that day. As for the smells...and the diaper changing. I actually did not mind one bit changing a diaper for a baby opposed to changing an adult's diaper. Smell is much more bearable. And with a baby you can always joke around with the baby by saying "pee ew, you're a little stinky aren't you?" You can't do that with an adult. AFter I graduated I had wanted to go to a new grad program in the NICU. However everywhere I applied to, there were no openings in that unit. But I did land a great NEW Grad program in pediatrics. I can't wait to get started.