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  1. I am transferring from the PICU to NICU as that was my first choice. I am hoping they have a position available for me to start I am also hoping that NICU will be better for my focus and learning. PICU was to broad and I could not focus to well so I was recommended to transfer to the NICU so I Could focus on the neonates and their complications master the care of them and get the ICU feel then progress over to the PICU at a later date.....I would like some feedback on this issue please
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  3. by   dawngloves
    What kind of NICU is it? Will you see patients from all over or just those born at your facility? Will they do surgeries there?
  4. by   NicuGal
    I think I would have a hard time transitioning from PICU to NICU. They are two way different worlds. Neonates and pediatrics differ a lot. Codes are very different, they have totally different pathophys. I hope you do well...and maybe you'll decide to stay!!
  5. by   kids
    Best wishes in moving to NICU, I know from the kids I work with that the babies are different from the toddlers from the preschoolers (on up to teens).

    BTW...I got notice last week that my application for the 1 year NICU residency program at OHSU starting in March passed the first 2 rounds (crossing fingers).
  6. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    kids r fun....congrats to ya and thank you very much for you wishes and NicuGal.......dawn gloves.....yes they have ECMO on the unit but I did not see any open heart surgeries at the time but I know they are performed but the babies are usually transported over to the PICU. I worked in the PICU for about 5 weeks then I transferred to the NICU so the I have not even developed a feel for anything as yet.....I am also to a new grad. Thank you for responding to my post........
  7. by   dawngloves
    I wouldn't worry abour transition too much since you have not been "spoiled " by your short stint in the PICU. Hopefully you have developed a sense of urgency and priority while working in an IU setting. Very detrimental. I would just surrender to the fact that I am at square one. That's what I did when I started NICU, regardless of the fact that I had 5 years of nursing adults under my belt. Good luck!
  8. by   nell
    Good luck EXOTIC NURSE, I'll bet you do well, especially since NICU was your first choice. It sounds like your NICU is very high-level, but there still will be a more narrow patient profile than that found in your PICU.

    Personally, I do fine in NICU but there's just too much "stuff" in PICU for my tastes.

    Good luck to you too, kids-r-fun. May you not get "the preceptor from H*ll" that I had during my short term at OHSU!
  9. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    thanks nell....I found out that i got the transfer approved. I will start on Dec 31 on the unit. I am very excited but I feel more excited about it than I did for the PICU. I had the preceptor from hell as well she was mean and snarly. I hope my new preceptor is not like that. Yes our NICU is high level and high tech we have 60 beds in our NICU which to me is a lot, I am looking forward to working in the NICU and I know I can be a good nurse and be very beneficial to my lil patients and their families.