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Hi! I am a new grad that was a LPN before I became an RN. Well, I have recently started in the NICU, which I feel is my passion, but I am working nights. Well, my baby as well as my husband are not... Read More

  1. by   BBFRN
    Quote from RN_Amanda
    I know the hours away are the same working days vs nights, but there is something different about being away from my baby all night then all day.
    I found this to be true- especially if you you're trying to stay awake all day taking care of baby after working all night. I found I was much more alert and available to my baby once I went to days. Good luck to you.
  2. by   kitty29
    Quote from RN_Amanda
    Well, I dont want to put blame on my hubby. yes, he does struggle some with the baby at night, but he did say that I could do what I wanted, and he would work through it. However, me and my baby are so close, we even sleep together. And when I miss her at night I also have to sleep through the day with her at home which is hard to do. I am not saying that others cannot do it, I just am not ready to give up that time that we have together at night. I know how fast she has already grown, I am just afraid I will regret missing out while she is so little.
    I sound like a sweet mommy!!