NICU sucrose policy

  1. I am currently working on getting a policy in place for the use of sucrose in our NICU. At the last place that I worked, it was used, but there was no policy in place for it's use.

    If anyone is willing to share the policy that they use in their NICU, that would be a great help!

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  3. by   BittyBabyGrower
    We dont' have policy per se, but it is addressed in our pain management protocol.
  4. by   EricJRN
    Here is the policy for one hospital (not mine):
  5. by   lovemyjob
    Our policy is based on gestational age (or corrected age.) Those under 35 weeks can have .2 ml x 1, can only be repeated if MD orders. Those over 35 weeks get 2 ml and there is no limit. Cant find the link for the p&p.
  6. by   kcangel
    If you send me private mail with your email addy, I can email you ours.
  7. by   nxcMSNRN
    I work in a Level 2-3, 20 bed NICU and I am also looking for a policy on sucrose (sweet ease). Can you please email me your policy also. I would truly aprecaite it. My email address THANKS! ~ nxcMSNRN
  8. by   agiboma
    In the NICU where my son stayed for 2.5 months, they used sucrose prior to any painful procedure and also to help sooth "fussy babies"