NICU nurse new to US.

  1. Hi,
    I will be relocating to the US soon as a nicu nurse,am really nervous,but I want to be ready for the task ahead.

    Although i have worked as a NICU nurse for 6 years in Nigeria,am aware of the enormous difference,and challenge ahead.

    Kindly recommend books,materials I can use to keep abreast with the procedures and responsibilities of a NICU nurse.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   Elizabeth777
    Do you have your license already? Have you been hired into a NICU?
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    I'm not familiar with nursing in Nigeria, but I have a family member who is a physician in the Caribbean and I've heard stories about other countries as well.

    The most striking difference is the level of independence that nurses have in the US. It shocked me that the physicians started IVs and gave IV medications. Here the physician or nurse practitioner rounds once a day, and doesn't usually come back unless there is a problem or for procedures like central line insertion or spinal taps. The nurses and respiratory therapists handle all of the care and only call the provider for a problem.
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