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  1. Hi I am looking for some advice from some senior nurses: Here it goes it was my 2nd day in a level three nicu... the assignment that was given to me i thought was inappropriate the baby was a term unstable cardiac, dialysis, weaning on milirone drip, weaning off a vent onto cpap(which I totally didn't understand.) On top of all this a preceptor that wanted my meds given at the given time on the dot, making a comment that my lasix was already 7 min. late and she was serious. I was so overwhelmed and frankly I didn't learn a thing because it was so chaotic. As a new grad would I have been able to refuse the assignment or just go with what they gave me.

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  3. by   EricJRN

    That does sound like a tough baby. What was your preceptor doing while you were struggling? Did she have her own assignment as well? As a staff nurse, communication with your charge nurse would be really important when you're slammed, but I can see how it would be awkward to 'go around' your preceptor while you're still being oriented.
  4. by   RainDreamer
    If they gave me that assignment off of orientation I would have definitely refused. And I have. A couple of weeks ago it was like my 6th day off of orientation and the charge nurse assigned me to a cardiac kid that she wasn't familiar with. I started getting report and knew right away it was too much for me. So I said something to the nurse I was getting report from ..... I said "you know, this is only my 2nd week off of orientation ........." and right then she agreed it would be too much so we went and talked with the charge nurse and got my assignment changed.

    I felt kinda bad because people had already gotten report and then had to switch around. But it wasn't my fault. And I was not going to put that baby in danger nor my license. Please don't be afraid to speak up and never do something you're not comfortable with. If the unit isn't understanding and supportive then it's time to go somewhere else. There were plenty of other nurses in my unit that were more qualified to take care of that baby ..... and it was no problem at all.

    I'm wondering the same as Eric .....what was your preceptor doing while you were struggling with that assignment? On your second shift you should still mainly be watching her do stuff ..... jumping in to do the basic things, but she should be showing you how to do everything else the first time. If you don't feel comfortable with this preceptor, then ask for someone else. This is YOUR orientation and your time to learn ....... you can't learn when you're stressed out and overwhelmed. Please let your manager know if you don't feel comfortable. I hope it gets better for you, good luck and let us know what happens!