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  1. I am considering using a palm or pda with a neonatal critical care handbook. I am returning to work in intermediate care nursery. Any suggestions on what handbook program is easier to use?? Is it worth buying? I used to have The Pediatric Checkmate. I lent it to a new nurse in our unit and never got it back. The Pediatric Checkmate is out of print. Does any one know of a nursing association that still has copies available? I will be greatful for any feedback. Thanks
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I'll be interested in this thread as well. I have the Neofax on my Treo, but that's it.
  4. by   walkingrock
    Yeah, I'd like info also. I also have the Neofax on my Treo, which is great; sure wouldn't mind having a reference book for NICU on it also.
  5. by   adrienurse
    Any suggestions for paper versions, for those who do not have PDA's (although I wish I did).
  6. by   ElvishDNP
    I just bought Care of the Sick Neonate by Paulette Haws and have found it to be helpful. I don't do NICU but we do keep some sick babies in our NBN where I do charge. It is pretty compact and might help you, adrienurse.
  7. by   Junebug7700
    Quote from adrienurse
    Any suggestions for paper versions, for those who do not have PDA's (although I wish I did).
    Neofax comes in a paper version also.
  8. by   theduck
    NNCC INC published The Pediatric Checkmate, last edition 2003. It is a handy pocket sized book that has a calculator on the inside cover. I used it all the time in Intermediate Care Nursery. I lent it to a new grad who never returned it to me. I'd dearly like another one as I am returning to the nursery after a leave of absence. Send NNCC Inc an email, that you are looking for their reference. They are considering reprint and update in 2007.
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  9. by   adrienurse Professional & Technical / Checkmate: Books

    pediatric checkmate seems to be available at Holy expensive! I'd be mad if someone stole my copy!
  10. by   theduck
    I've been watching that Amazon Books ad for two weeks now. You are sure right about the extravagant cost. I won't bite at that price unless I actually get a permanent position in Intermediate Care Nursery. Worked there from '8 to 2002. Been on medical leave since then. I am beginning a graduated back to work program in the next week. However, I have no position in the nursery right now. Position was lost to me once my sick leave passed the two year mark. I love IMCN. Teaching is my forte and there is no end to it in IMCN. It is where I am doing my back to work program. Just have to keep my eye on job postings. I still have 'job status' with the hospital, just not a position in the nursery for now. Union tells me not to worry, that a position will be 'made available' once I complete my back to work program. My seniority was not lost while on LOA-thank goodness for that. Went to an IMCN education day two weeks ago. The review was good-I was pleasantly surprized at how much I have retained. Forgive me. I'm rambling...
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